Coffee Beer

Our team sees a symbiotic relationship between the coffee industry and beer industry. In the past, coffee was thought of as a simple ingredient rather than a complex one that can elevate a beer with delicacy and nuance. Now, brewers are searching for intensely flavorful coffees that make for a new beer-drinking experience. We can be your guide for finding just the right coffee for your upcoming or future coffee-beer collaboration.

We have dedicated a space at our partner farm, La Ventolera in Colombia, to serve as a R&D department for flavor experimentation in coffee-beers.
To some, this may be perceived as an exaggeration. But for us, this research center lives at the core of our mission to elevate the coffee experience at all levels.

Here, we experiment with different yeast at the fermenting phase of coffee processing to design the perfect coffee to be used in coffee beers. With the help of master beer brewers in the US, the result is an unprecedented ingredient for specialty craft beer.

At Unblended, we give you the power to design the perfect coffee for your next coffee beer collaboration.

Pictures above: Our R&D center at La Ventolera.

Follow this step by step guide for the perfect coffee beer

To pursue the purest form of coffee by shining a light on the coffee producers and their craft. We believe producing coffee has always been an artistic endeavor that resembles the skills of a designer. A coffee producer starts the year with an expected result in mind and carefully designs each process of the coffee production to reach the perfect cup.

After many years of studying similar industries like wine, we’ve learned to design coffees using fermentation methods that are common in wine to reach specific desired flavors.Extending these capabilities of coffee designing to other beverage designers like craft beer brewers, feels like a natural fit.

Now let your imagination free and let’s start designing the perfect beverage.

STEP 1: Flavor

To start, choose the main/principal flavor profile you are looking to present. (Hint: start at the center of the flavor wheel!)

STEP 2: Acidity

Choose the acidity level.
*Note: here we’re referencing a scale of acidity based on fruits for the sake of familiarity; however, level of acidity doesn’t necessarily have to be associated with exclusively “fruit-flavored” coffee.

STEP 3: Body

Choose the body. Think lighter versus fuller bodied (kind of like wine).

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