Andres Semi Washed

Andres Cardona’s Semi-Washed brilliance, is a result of his curiosity and desire to learn. This Castillo and Colombia varieties lot grown at 1600 MASL defies the common assumption in specialty coffee that one needs to grow an exotic variety at high altitudes to produce an excellent Cup. Its sweet like sugar cane, floral, and citrus flavor notes, come from an extended fermentation in cherry inside sealed tanks with an addition of coffee cherry juice from previous batches. This submerged anaerobic fermentation, makes for a balanced and homogeneous cup with an outstanding aftertaste.



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Villa Lucía

Alvaro Andrés Cardona Molina is one of the producers of PEC program (Coffee Speciality Program). He´s a dreamer, who wants to sell his coffee abroad. Andres works with coffee producing since he was 12 years old, as a heritage from his parents and grandparents. At the moment he manages his uncle farm, Villa Lucía, where he cultivates varieties such as Colombia, Castillo and Cenicafe. His dedication and curiosity have take him to new coffee processes and experiments, always seeking new ways of making his family heritage a successful business.

Name of the farm:

Villa Lucía


Santa Barbara, Antioquia


1650 masl


Caturra, Castillo


Extended Washed

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