Fabian Rueda - Extended Fermentation

Fabian's lot is special. He harvested the cherries when the sugar content was at its peak, built a special table for selecting the best ones, and bought new fermentation tanks. He aimed for a more complex cup, so he relied on his intuition and experience from previous experiments on the farm. After de-pulping, he let the beans ferment for about 50 hours. The aroma was sweet and intense, resembling apricot, which made him confident about the outcome. The result was a cup with hints of apricot and tropical fruits, a heavy body like caramel, and a pineapple aftertaste.



/ lb - Green

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El Líbano

Fabian Rueda Caro is the product of family heritage and curiosity. He is a third-generation coffee grower and has always been surrounded by the world of coffee. However, as a child, he was not very interested in coffee until his father invited him to participate in a technical course on coffee production at SENA when he was around 16 years old. That was a turning point for Fabian. He began to study and immerse himself in coffee production. Since then, he has dedicated himself to organizing his farm, correctly delimiting his lots, maintaining traceability of the coffee, and always thinking about how to improve its quality. In addition to coffee, Fabian has diversified his income through activities such as wood cultivation, which supports the sustainability of his farm. He is always eager to continue learning, with one of his goals being to learn how to roast and prepare coffee better. For now, he will focus all his efforts on producing superior quality coffee.

Name of the farm:

El Líbano


Anzá, Antioquia, Colombia


1850 masl


Castillo, Colombia


Washed / Extended Fermentation In Cherry

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