Jose Vasquez Washed

A Castillo, Colombia and Caturra blend, this is the perfect flavor profile for an everyday coffee. Balanced acidity, sweet and floral, this is a traditional Colombian Coffee that one can’t stop drinking. For Jose, sharing his coffee and seeing other people enjoy it, is the reason why he decided to choose Coffee Farming as his career path. Harvested in the high mountains of Andes, Antioquia at an altitude of about 1850 m.a.s.l, once picked, he let the cherries ferment in open tanks for about 24 hours to get a sweet and caramelized cup. Then, he washed the batch three times to give it a bright, clean finish. During the washing period he selects the most dense and ripened cherries that will later be dried in drying beds for 1 to 2 weeks until reaching 11% moisture.



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La Florida

Jose is a member of UVI. He's an entrepreneur, and a coffee-preneur ;) With just 23 years of age, and with the support from his wife and the inspiration of his 3 year old son, he created his own roasted coffee brand, Vascoffee - “a captivating sensation” he says - to distribute the coffee he grows all over the region [Antioquia]. Having overcome many challenges in his short life, He's an illustration of resilience. Like many other young people, he inherited his farm from his parents, but instead of selling it and moving back to the city, he decided to pursue the opportunity in front of him and make the best out of it. He lives about an hour away from Andes, Antioquia in a small village called Santa Ines. But being remote from the closest town is not all, one can't get to his farm by car. One has to walk about 30 minutes from the furthest main road to reach Jose’s place. Despite all those challenges, he's proud of what he has accomplished so far and is very excited to share his labor with the world.

Name of the farm:

La Florida


Andes, Antioquia, Colombia


1850 - 2000


Castillo, Colombia, Caturra



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