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“This coffee was harvested with tons of love and determination so it tastes absolutely great” says Juan to us. “This coffee tastes like dedication, peace and like the Andes mountains surrounded by the steam of the cauca river. This coffee tastes like everything that’s Caicedo, the absolutely best” he says in a romantic tone when selling his coffee to us. And we absolutely agree! This coffee was harvested in “cochadas” or small batches from monday to thursday, each one fermented separately for 110 hours passing the coffee juice created in the first batch to the new one to accelerate that fermentation process. “I hand selected it several times, because it’s a castillo so if there’s a green bean you will perceive immediately, I can not do that!” he says. After those hours of fermentation, he dried the cherries in sun driers beds until reaching 11% moisture for 4 weeks. This process is the result of studying the naturals for two years with the PEC program (Program for Specialty Coffee) We’re happy to share with you this incredible process with notes of Blackberry, chocolate and anise.



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El Naranjal

Juan Miguel Oquendo. A specialty coffee producer from Caicedo, Antioquia. He is also a UVI member, introducing his natural process in the US. He comes from a traditional coffee farming family. He’s the first member of the family that started with Specialty Coffee thanks to PEC (Program for Specialty Coffee) since then, he’s been experimenting and learning more and more. “Starting with specialty coffee was hard. I feel like my family doesn’t want to do things differently, so it’s my own risk to do different processes. I feel that’s one of the main problems why young folks are leaving the farms and going to the cities” he says when we asked him what he wanted to share about him. He’s proud of what he’s achieved at the moment. Juan is 20 years old, at the moment he’s fully dedicated to coffee, managing his family farm and helping his uncle too. Next year he will be starting a bachelor in politics and law but he dreams of continuing with coffee, he dreams of having his own coffee farm and keep experimenting with other processes.

Name of the farm:

El Naranjal


Caicedo, Antioquia


1919 masl





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