Felipe Trujillo - Kombucha

The goal behind creating this coffee was to produce a complex, high-quality coffee that is also low-cost. To achieve this, Ventola decided to use scoby for kombucha to create a culturing that would help develop rich acidity combined with complex fruity flavors. The coffee undergoes a semi-washed process and is dried in a "marquesina", much like the cochadas process. During harvesting, the cherries are placed as they come into open tanks alongside the kombucha culturing.



/ lb - Green

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La Ventolera

Felipe Trujillo is a lifelong learner and mentor who is passionate about specialty coffee and has become a pioneer in the industry. After leaving a successful career as a CEO in the office supply business, he returned to his roots and helped his father manage the traditional coffee farm they had inherited from his grandfather. From the very beginning, he was dedicated to learning and improving, drawing inspiration from the wine industry and becoming a disciplined student of fermentation processes. Today, his farm, La Ventolera, is known throughout the region for its specialty coffee and Felipe shares his knowledge and passion with young farmers, teaching them the art and science of coffee processing.

Name of the farm:

La Ventolera


Santa Barbara, Antioquia, Colombia


2000 masl




Semiwashed - Culturing

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