Nasa Community Lot

This coffee brings with it a story of heritage and tradition. A blend of Castillo, Colombia, and Tabi varietals, the 1900 masl elevation imparts the perfect balance of sweetness and acidity. Enjoy the molasses, honey, and cherry flavors with a buttery mouthfeel. 



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La Rivera - KWES YU’KIWE

KWES YU’KIWE, an indigenous reservation in the mountains of Valle del Cauca, holds a gift that brings hope to a community once assaulted by the constant violence of the conflict in Colombia. While each one of the 53 families who are part of the association ASOASIR grows a multitude of crops other than coffee, it is their coffee that has drawn international attention to their territory. Finca Bet-El, our newest partner in our coffee journey, is instrumental in painting a better future for their younger generations through coffee. With programs like lot separation, cupping, and barista training, Finca Bet-El has helped the children of traditional coffee producers see coffee differently and start a career in the industry.

Name of the farm:

Nasa Community


Florida, Valle del Cauca. Colombia


1400 - 1900 masl


Colombia, Castillo, Tabi, Geisha


Traditional Washed

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Nasa Kwésx Yu’ KIWE by Knowledge Perk

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Nasa Kwésx Yu’ KIWE by Knowledge Perk