Palenque - Natural

This coffee tastes like community effort and youth. Mostly run by leading women, Agecosur is an association from Jericó - Antioquía, focused on environmental issues and specialty coffee, being the latter one, a means of improving their families’ quality of life. With over 19 producers, Agecosur’s coffee is really something special; They run 3 Processing Facilities or “Nucleos”, in each of the villages surrounding Jerico: Palenque (the biggest one, and where the name comes from), Palenquito and Buga. This coffee starts by being harvested at its ripest and delivered to one of the Nucleos, where it will be dry fermented in containers for up to 60 hours, controlling the fermentation with a degasser valve. After time has passed, they take the cherries to the drying beds, where the temperature and humidity will be regulated, for 20-30 days. From the words of the founder, this coffee evokes Honey, Red Berries and Chocolate, with a Mellow body and Silky aftertaste



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Founded in 2017, AGECOSUR is a non-profit association founded by woman-leader Edith Yohana García, focused on leaving the world better than they found it. Their main activities are based in environmental care, reforestation, water sources care and specialty coffee. They are divided in 3 Nucleos, where Palenque processes nearly 80% of all their Natural coffees. In each of the Nucleos, there is a family in charge of the processing and drying and the rest of the associates bring their cherries each harvest. Now they are joining the ranks of UVI, as Mentees, in order to take their processes to the next level, and helping us in our mission of improving the coffee production chain.

Name of the farm:

Nucleo Palenque


Jericó, Antioquía, Colombia


1750-1890 masl


Castillo & Colombia



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