Pink Bourbon Floriberto

This washed Pink Bourbon is achieved after 24 hours of fermentation in cherry, depulped and fermented again for 60 hours more before being dried to develop sweet, rose-like notes. This coffee is from La Argentina, Huila, a region famous for its varieties and balanced cups. We chose this coffee from Floriberto because it was clean and delicate, a result of his dedication while selecting each bean from his harvest. Floriberto is excited for his first Pink Bourbon lot in the US.



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La Virginia

Floriberto has been a coffee farmer since he was a child. He used to live in the south of Huila, but a few years ago he moved to La Argentina, where he met Willington Ultengo, another one of our producers who connected him with us. Willington guides him through the process while Floriberto is always excited about learning and connecting with new people. Floriberto, a dad to four children, is motivated to keep learning, make coffee farming exciting, and make the most of his production in order to provide a better living for his children. He’s known in the region for his exotic varieties such as geishas, red, pink and yellow bourbons.

Name of the farm:

La Virginia


La Argentina, Huila


1650 masl


Pink Bourbon



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