Sebastian Ramirez Estate

This Sebastian Ramirez Estate is a traditional Colombian profile taken to the next level. Harvested at its ripest, it is then hand selected and submerged in water to get rid of the floaters, where it will undergo depulping and washing, while being selected once again, to ensure only the best coffee goes through. Finally, the coffee is dried in Elbas (open patios) for up to 30 days, until it reaches 11% humidity. The overall mouthfeel of this coffee is silk smooth Caramel, with touches of Citric Fruits, Spices and Chocolate; If you were looking for a daily brew, this is the one.



/ lb - Green

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Fincas El Placer

Sebastian Ramirez (35), a 4th generation coffee farmer with more than 12 years of experience, presence in multiple countries within Asia and Europe, and owner of Fincas El Placer, has joined us in the mission of making coffee farming exciting, placing his grain of salt as an UVI Mentor. This heavy-weight of Specialty Coffee started as a traditional grower, until he started to dig into fermentations and making connections. Nowadays you can say he is a master in Carbonic Maceration, Coffee Profiles and Varietals. We are so excited to be representing him, and we can only state that his coffees are everything but ordinary.

Name of the farm:

Fincas El Placer


Quindío, Colombia


1744 masl





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