Willington Natural

A perfect fresh, sweet, and balanced Natural coffee with notes of red apple and roses. With a medium body and a a Citric acidity and a prolonged after taste, this coffee shines for the mastery it requires to achieve such cup. Sweetness in coffee depends on many factors and it is always the result of a well achieved fermentation process. This Castillo and Caturra Lot grown at 1650 MASL, after a post-harvest selection of the coffee cherries it is dried in African beds for 40 days until the dried cherries reach a humidity of 12%



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Los Naranjos

A young producer from La Argentina, Huila, Willington sees in coffee an opportunity to take his family’s name around the world. Wanting to learn more about processes and specialty coffee, Willington reached out to Felipe Trujillo (one of our partners) to ask for advice in improving his farm’s processes. Today Willington never ceases to surprise with the coffees he produces.

Name of the farm:

Los Narnajos


La Argentina, Huila


1650 masl


Castillo - Caturra



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