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Our Origins

We believe "Terroir" is the taste of the producer's craft.

We partner with forward-thinking coffee producers who are willing to push the envelop in search of a more transparent and quality-driven supply chain.

Most of these partnerships are in Colombia, but we're currently seeking partnerships in other coffee-producing countries.

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Ryan Sanderson
CEO at KnowledgePerk

We have had the privilege of working with farmers and importers around the world, and it is easy to say that working with Lucas and Wes, and Unblended has been the best experience by far. The coffees are truly exquisite, but it is the attention to detail along with the intentional and personalized connection of the farmer to the consumer that sets Unblended apart. We are looking forward to a long lasting and impactful relationship with many collaborations in the future.

Andres Cardona Molina
UVI Member

With Unblended all this connection with the roaster is rewarding. Seeing that roasters want to know more about me, have a call and introduce me to part of their process, makes me really excited.

Green Coffee

Our team is in a constant pursuit of the purest form of coffee. Seeking to elevate the coffee experience at every step of the way, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of what is accepted in our industry. We are coffee designers, teachers, advisors and in some cases rebels...
We aspire to bring our customers coffee that is both classic and complex, familiar but entirely new. From affordable workhorse selects from little-known regions to radical new single estate fermentation experiments, we provide products that will set your coffee offerings apart from others.

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Roasted by Our Partners

Our team celebrates the partnerships we build with roasters in the US. We believe that in order to elevate the Specialty Coffee industry as a whole, we must walk along with our partners on their journey to share our coffees with their patrons. We believe we should help them share with their guests the uniqueness and traceability of the coffees we helped them source, and we believe we must highlight their art and role in bringing this product to life.

Carolina Ramirez Washed by Prophet

Danilo & Alex Naranjo Semi-Washed by Noble & Main

Development Lot by Little Wolf

Cherry Heritage by Eminent

Fabian Rueda Ext. Fermentation by Heartwood

Carolina's Brownie by Unlocked

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Let's get to know one another.

Hey there! Let's get to know one another. Send us a message or request a call. We may or may not be the Green Coffee partner you've been looking for.