Towards Making Coffee Farming Exciting: A Manifesto

We believe in the power of forging strong and meaningful relationships -that’s why we fell in love with the coffee industry. But we know that relationships are only the first step. The coffee supply chain only improves when we provide reasons for the coffee drinker to find pleasure in a cup of coffee.

We believe coffee is more than a drink. Drinking coffee is a ritual that connects us to our deep-rooted customs of finding great pleasures in beverage and food. Just as drinking wine was a spiritual experience for the ancient Greeks and Romans, coffee is a reminder of what makes us human.

We believe that the pursuit of excellence and mastery is the only way forward and the only way we can dignify everyone Involved in our industry. That’s why each coffee we design, produce, or source seeks to elevate the coffee experience at all levels -- from the intensity of the flavor of the coffee itself to the story the barista tells when they share a cup of coffee with a patron.

We believe that our roasters are our partners and that our role is not only to provide them with high-quality green coffee beans, but to help them multiply their efforts of providing a great experience to their patrons.

We believe that only by focusing on helping our roaster partners grow their business we will grow, and so will our coffee producing partners.

We believe in a mission greater than ourselves. We exist to constantly pursue the purest form of coffee.