Albeiro Ramirez Chiroso Washed

This chiroso from Alveiro is the result of a lifelong experience in coffee. Alveiro has grown up in a farming family and 5 years ago, he bought his own farm in Urrao. This coffee represents his year to year experimentations to get a better cup. He usually picks his cherries in small batches from Monday through Wednesday and lets the cherries ferment for 48 hours until he has a bigger lot to depulp and wash. Once it's washed and ready to be dried, he puts it in raised drying beds to get a longer drying process, “it allows me to have better results with the cup because the beans have more time to develop more complex flavors” he says. After 2 to 3 weeks of drying, he gets a balanced cup, a mix between chocolate, citrus acidity and freshlike tastes as eucalyptus and lemongrass mint.



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El Roble

Albeiro dreams of building a business from his farm and like many others, he has been into coffee since he was a child but started with specialty coffee 5 years ago. He works in construction, and started his own coffee business after visiting San Carlos, a small coffee village in Urrao to build a drying bed and discover the big potential that the chiroso variety had in the market and in the region. So he started in 2016 and two years later, he had his first harvest and was able to participate in a regional contest, his coffee scored in the top 60 coffees. Since then, he has been motivated to keep following more contests every year and improving his results, in 2018, his coffee placed 3rd in a nacional contest for the “balance” aspect of the cup and so on he’s been improving year to year.

Name of the farm:

El Roble


Urrao, Antioquia, Colombia


1980 masl





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