Andres Cardona - Purple Honey

This coffee was created with the goal of diversifying methods and providing a unique sensory experience. Andres, the creator, aimed to enhance sweetness and achieved a balanced cup with notes of blueberry, grapes, and cocoa nibs by fermenting the coffee in cherry with a blend of cane honey.The Purple Honey coffee undergoes a 96-hour fermentation process in cherry, with the addition of sugar cane honey to achieve a 15% sweetness level. Afterward, it is dried in a silo.



/ lb - Green

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Villa Lucia

Álvaro Andrés Cardona Molina is a member of the Young Producer Program, which highlights those who have chosen passion over other options in life. He is a dreamer and a go-getter! Andrés has been working with coffee since he was 12 years old, as it is a family tradition. Currently, he manages his uncle’s farm, Villa Lucía, where he cultivates coffee varieties such as Colombia, Castillo, and Cenicafe. His dedication and curiosity have led him to experiment with new coffee processing methods, always seeking new ways to make his coffee special.

Name of the farm:

Villa Lucía


Santa Barbara, Antioquia


1650 masl





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