Byron Arcila - Ext. Fermentation

Byron's motivation to promote and gain recognition for his farm led him to develop this process. The double fermentation enhances the attributes of this coffee, which is why he named it "Baluarte," meaning stronghold, as it strengthens the notes of pineapple, honey, and strawberries. Byron aims to convey strength through his coffee and invites us to learn more about it. Are you ready?



/ lb - Green

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El Vergel

Byron, a youth leader in Sonson, promotes education and a passion for coffee among young farmers. He guides them to implement new practices, improving processes and producing higher-quality, distinctive coffee. Byron and the youth in his community strive for a genuine transformation in Colombian fields.

Name of the farm:

El Vergel


Sonson, Antioquia






Washed Ext Fermentation

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