Carmen Montoya - Chiroso

Every day, Doña Carmen rises to work on her farm, overseeing various processing stages to ensure the traceabilit of her coffee. Her commitment to quality is reflected in the coffee's distinctive notes of caramel, lemon, and peach. These flavors, combined with its silky body and good acidity, are a testament to her dedication and meticulous approach to coffee production. Her coffee undergoes a 12-hour fermentation in cherries in baskets, followed by depulping. Batches are gathered and left to ferment for an additional 72 hours. After this period, the beans are washed and sun-dried for 8 days. The continuous pursuit of producing one of the finest coffees serves as their primary motivation!



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Los Pinos y Bella Vista

Carmen Montoya, a coffee farmer for 23 years, inherited her love for coffee and farming from her parents. Starting with a small plot of an unknown coffee variety, she won the Cup of Excellence in 2014 with her coffee, locally named "chiroso." Carmen is a pioneer in cultivating this coffee in her region and has become a community leader. She now helps fellow farmers improve their processes, aiming to establish global recognition for Urrao's chiroso coffee due to its quality and the human talent involved.

Name of the farm:

Los Pinos


Urrao, Antioquia







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