Danilo and Alex

This coffee tastes like brotherhood, effort and dedication. It is harvested at its ripest, hand selected and left in a tank until the next day at 6 AM, when it is depulped and thrown into a fermenting bag for 180 hours. After that, it is taken to the drying beds for around 8 to 10 days. This coffee really evoques citrus mixed with a fine maple touch, a well balanced body and a note of honey in aroma and in cup.



/ lb - Green

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La Esperanza

Danilo and Alex, 22 and 20 years old, fell in love with coffee at an early age and learned the labour from their father. Their philosophy is to do the best with the little they have. They are part of a family of eight, and currently, they are the ones in charge of the farm, passing on the teachings to their younger siblings on how to work the land and appreciate nature and coffee. They came in touch with specialty coffee in early 2022, and it’s been a crazy ride since then, and we are now really proud to announce that their coffee is exceptional, and quoting them: “This has only just begun”.

Name of the farm:

La Esperanza


Sonsón, Antioquía, Colombia


1800 masl


Castillo & 2000



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