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The Young Producer Program is not just about supporting the youth; it’s about highlighting those who have made a deliberate choice about their lives. They have chosen passion over other options. In this Community Lot, we aim to share our mission and recruit new members to the program. By doing so, we continue to learn about other origins, stories, and challenges faced by coffee producers. The program is a blend of small producers contributing to a larger lot to guarantee quality, year-round availability, and a consistent profile



/ lb - Green

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This fruit-forward community experimental lot, serves different purposes. On one side, it’s a complex, versatile coffee with a sensorial experience of dark chocolate, cacao nibs, round body and a pleasant fruity flavor that makes for a great blend component or a stand-alone single-origin release. On the other side, it is a lot that builds demand for the processing experiments that are necessary for the development of the young producers in the program. This lot is composed by many experimental small lots from producers that when combined result in a consistent fruit-forward and chocolaty profile. This way, producers can learn and experiment with small batches and roasters can support this learning exercise by adopting this coffee in their menu.

Name of the farm:

Young Producer Program


Andes, Antioquia, Colombia


1800 - 2000 masl


Castillo, Colombia Caturra


Extended Fermentations

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