Gloria Cecilia - Chiroso

Doña Gloria's motivation lies in enjoying a good cup of coffee and using it as a means to educate her children. Her commitment to each coffee bean is reflected in its spiced notes of oregano and black pepper, complemented by the sweetness of caramel and chocolate. These flavors engage our senses and leave us wanting more, mirroring the aromatic complexity akin to her role as a coffee farmer. She gatheres coffee in small batches for 3 to 5 days and undergo a 36-hour fermentation. later depulped, washed and sun-dried



/ lb - Green

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El Porvenir

Gloria comes from a coffee-centric background, where she has been instilled with a passion for coffee since childhood. As a homemaker, she has raised her children while juggling both roles. One of her dreams is to continue extending this family tradition through the artistry involved in coffee processing. Gloria is a mentee of Carmen, a recognized producer of this variety since 2014, who has guided her in enhancing her processes and production protocols. Gloria aspires to share with the world the painstaking work behind each coffee bean, aiming to deliver a distinctive cup to coffee enthusiasts.

Name of the farm:

El Porvenir


Urrao, Antioquia







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