Cherry Heritage - {Mentor x Mentee}

Our latest addition to the Young Producer Program, Cherry Heritage, is the result of hard work and collaboration. Jaime Lopez, our oldest and most experienced producer, teamed up with Valeria, our youngest and most visionary producer, to process this exceptional coffee. The cherries were left to naturally ferment in open tanks for 90 hours, allowing them to absorb sweetness and develop a complex flavor profile that explodes with red fruit flavors. With every sip, you'll experience a delightful balance of red apple notes and spices like vanilla, which linger in your mouth and leave a pleasant aftertaste. This special coffee is a testament to the power of collaboration and the deep knowledge and passion of our producers. The combination of Jaime's experience and Valeria's fresh perspective has resulted in a truly unique coffee that we are proud to share with you. We believe that Cherry Heritage is not just a coffee, but a representation of our commitment to quality, innovation, and community building.



/ lb - Green

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Los Pinos

Valeria Pino is the youngest member of the Young Producer Program. She comes from a family of traditional coffee farmers but has shifted towards producing differentiated coffees. Her enthusiasm has even spread to her family! Jaime, a lifelong coffee farmer, brings a wealth of experience to the Young Producer Program. He taught Felipe Trujillo, a mentor of the program, everything about coffee farming. Now, Jaime is passing his knowledge on to Valeria by teaching her how to harvest, process, and dry the cherries. The learning experience has been valuable for both Valeria and Jaime, and we are proud of the outcome!

Name of the farm:

Los Pinos


Montebello, Antioquia, Colombia


1600 masl


Castillo & Colombia



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