Ivan Giraldo - Ext. F Washed

Ivan’s dedication to the art of coffee, his relentless pursuit of refining coffee production methods, and his keen interest in specialty coffee were immediately apparent. The coffee he sent us underwent a meticulous process: first, it was submerged in tanks for a day, then carefully depulped. It was subsequently stored in GrainPro bags for an impressive 150 hours. This intricate process was followed by a meticulous washing and drying phase, resulting in a coffee that truly stood out. Ivan Giraldo’s commitment to excellence in every step of the journey was apparent in every delicious sip of his coffee.



/ lb - Green

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Los Van Van

From the moment we tasted Ivan Giraldo’s coffee, we knew it was something special. His commitment to the craft, drive to enhance coffee production processes, and interest in specialty coffee were immediately apparent. He meticulously selected a coffee and sent it our way, and we were hooked after the very first sip.

Name of the farm:

Los Van Van


Sonsón, Antioquia, Colombia


2010 MASL




Extended Fermentation Washed

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