Jaime Lopez Natural

This is our first time sending a natural from Jaime to the US. (Lots of new producers, we knowww!) We met Jaime about a year ago, his farm is small, his coffee so good, the result of slowly selecting just the red ripe cherries. Jaime does his natural by fermenting the cherries in open tanks with water, adding each day a new batch and letting them absorb all the sweetness from its own juice for 90 hours. Then he spreads them in sunbed driers for 4 to 6 weeks until it reaches 11% moisture. The result? A sweet cup, with notes of red apple, strawberry and vanilla.



/ lb - Green

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La Fortuna

Jaime, an early farm manager at La Ventolera, was actually Felipe’s mentor when he was just a kid. He has a special place in all our hearts and his spirit is young, loving, and dynamic. He now has a small farm near La Ventolera, he’s dedicated full time in his production and enjoys it as an everyday task, it makes him feel alive and strong. 3 months ago, he started the process of making his production an organic one: - It's been a long process, but I am now earning money - he says. Jaime is an example for other coffee producers, he’s never tired of learning. For us, he’s an important part of the team.

Name of the farm:

La Fortuna


Santa Barbara, Antioquia


1650 masl


Castillo Colombia



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Unfortunately, this coffee is not available at the moment. 😢