Jose Vásquez Natural

Jose Vasquez’s years of learning and perseverance has led to this coffee right here. He got the inspiration from studying at PEC and SENA, and gave his touch to this Natural process. He trains all the cherry pickers himself, to ensure only the best and ripest coffee are being harvested. It is then selected and fermented in the washing channel for 36 hours. After that, Jose likes to give a little mechanical drying before putting them in the drying beds, to ensure that the coffee develops only the right characteristics, lasting up to 15 days to achieve parchment coffee. He attributes this coffee notes of pepper, cinnamon with a side of winey sensation, making it one of the more complex coffees we work with.



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La Florida

Jose Daniel Vasquez is an entrepreneur, (or coffee-preneur ;) With just 25 years of age, with the support from his wife and the inspiration of his 5 year old son, he created his own roasted coffee brand, Vascoffee - “a captivating sensation” he says - to distribute the coffee he grows all over the region [Antioquia]. Having overcome many challenges in his short life, but always with his mother, Luz Mery’s support, he's truly an illustration of resilience. Like many other young people, he inherited his farm from his parents, but instead of selling it and moving back to the city, he decided to pursue the opportunity in front of him and make the best out of it. He lives about an hour away from Andes, Antioquia in a small village called Santa Ines. He has a degree in Agroecological Production and attended the Fermentation Bootcamp from SENA, as well as Specialty Coffee Production from the same institution. Combined with his 16 years of experience, Jose really stands out as a role model for young coffee farmers.

Name of the farm:

La Florida


Andes, Antioquia, Colombia


1850 - 2000


Castillo & Colombia



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