Carolina Ramirez - La Gioconda

This coffee is proof that happy accidents exist. Carolina was experimenting with processing and left a barrel of cherries to ferment over the weekend. However, one of the farm's workers mistook it for unwashed coffee and proceeded to depulp and wash it, leaving some mucilage in the coffee. When Carolina found out, she became curious about the outcome since it was neither a washed nor honey process. It resulted in one of the most aromatic and balanced coffees Carolina has ever made, which she named La Gioconda. She sees a similarity between the mystery surrounding the Mona Lisa's androgynous looks and this coffee's middle ground between washed and honey. With notes of green apple and ripe mango, along with its aromatic basil and orange zest, this coffee combines the best of both worlds.



/ lb - Green

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San Antonio

Carolina Ramirez is a star member of our Young Producer Program. She is a lawyer, an endurance runner, and an incredible specialty coffee farmer. She is truly an inspiring woman who embodies the excitement we feel when we see young people working in coffee farms. After studying law in Medellin, she decided to return to Andes to live with her parents on their farm when the pandemic hit. She fell in love with the world of specialty coffee and its production chain. Nowadays, she collaborates with her mother to design all of her coffees, and they are both in charge of the selection and processing.

Name of the farm:

San Antonio


Andes, Antioquia, Colombia







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