Leon Henao Washed

This process is driven by the desire to create an exceptional cup of coffee. The careful selection and attention given to the coffee throughout the entire process result in flavors of lemongrass, chocolate, and a floral aroma. This coffee is a representation of the grower's dedication to excellence and their commitment to providing unique experiences with every sip.



/ lb - Green

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Los Acientos

Leon Heber is deeply passionate about coffee and is the heir to a multi-generational coffee tradition. His ultimate goal is to gain recognition for producing the finest specialty coffees. Leon’s intense love and dedication for his farm and its meticulous processes are reflected in every single coffee bean. He envisions each cup of coffee as a sensory journey for consumers, while also serving as a reminder to appreciate the immense effort involved in the entire coffee-making process.

Name of the farm:

Los Acientos


Sonson, Antioquia


1600 masl





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