Quimera is born from believing and wanting for things to work out. Guayacanes has a very fertile land, and all of the coffees that are produced there are incredibly sweet, it being below 1700 masl, although we are told that only high altitude coffee or varietals are that way. Winter was not kind in Caro's main farm San Antonio, so they decided to give Guayacanes a spotlight this time around, a farm that only has Cenicafe 1 variety, which is weather-resistant, maintaining their ideal profile and outstanding quality. Hand selected and harvested at its ripest, Caro gives these cherries 14 hours of fermentation before being sun-dried in open patios for up to 3 weeks. This gives us a flavorful cup with notes of Red Berries, Cocoa Powder and a touch of Citrus fruit.



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Carolina Ramirez is one of our UVI stars. A lawyer, an endurance runner, AND an incredible specialty coffee farmer, she truly is an inspiring woman. The embodiment of the excitement we believe seeing young people working in coffee farms represents. Having studied law in Medellin, she decided to go back to Andes to live with her parents at their farm when the pandemic hit and fell in love with the specialty coffee world and its production chain. Nowadays, all of her coffees are designs made alongside her mother, and they both are in charge of selection and processing

Name of the farm:



Andes, Antoquia, Colombia


1650 masl


Cenicafe 1



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