Ronaldo & Valentina Estate

This coffee is the product of commitment, love, and the passion of bringing the family coffee to the next level. Ronaldo and Valentina, two coffee enthusiasts, decided to take on the farm duties of Ronaldo’s family farm, and start developing their own brand, with differentiated coffees,and this Estate was the first step towards it. They first had to train all the coffee pickers of the farm on how to select only the ripest of cherries. Once harvested, cherries get depulped in batches from Monday to Friday, while the cherries of each day get stored in fermenting bags for the rest of the week. At the end of the week, all the cherries are taken from the fermenting bags to wash and are placed to dry in open patios for about 20 days. They are very proud of this coffee, for its notes of Cocoa, Caramel and sweetness that reminds of Honey.



/ lb - Green

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El Recreo

Ronaldo is from Boyaca. He lived on the family farm all of his life and did not like coffee that much, but an early illness took him to try coffee, because he was convinced that it would cure him. It did not, but it led him down a rabbit hole of information about Barismo, coffee Cupping and Roasting, so he made it his life goal to learn more about coffee, and become a Barista. Valentina is from Bogota. Her family has been working with coffee exports for more than a decade now, so from an early age she had contact with coffee farms and social activities. She had the purpose of going to Germany and study college there, but she had to learn the language, so in the meantime, she started working in her brother’s Specialty Coffee Shop as a Barista, with more of a Cafe Management focus. Ronaldo’s drive to become a Barista led him to enrol in various Barista programs and to be an intern in a Coffee Lab in the city of Medellin, but when he finished them all, he was struggling to find a job, but got the word of a Specialty Coffee Shop that was requiring a Barista, in the city of Bogota. The rest is history, they both connected in more than one way, participating together in multiple Barista and Brewing competitions, creating their own brand of roasted coffee, and currently, working at Ronaldo's family farm: Where they came to do things differently than everyone in that region.

Name of the farm:

El Recreo


Moniquirá, Boyacá, Colombia


1830 masl





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