How can we make a “barrel aged coffee” that lets the natural flavors of the coffee shine through and co-exist with the unique flavors of an old Rum Barrel? - That was the question Felipe Trujillo sought to answer with the design of this coffee. The result is a sweet coffee with a brandy, rum mouth feel, red fruits and champagne taste, a balanced malic acidity, and a round and long finish. But the way to that result was not aging green beans inside old rum barrels as it is commonly done in consuming countries, but a different approach. Felipe took an old rum barrel from Ron Viejo de Caldas, a traditional rum distillery in Medellin, and introduced the coffee cherry juice that results from a long carbonic maceration into the barrels. That cherry juice is let there to ferment for weeks and even months at a time. Then, when the next batch of coffee cherries are harvested and hand-selected, they are introduced into sealed tanks with 50% water and 50% fermented coffee cherry juice from the Rum Barrels. After 180 hours of fermentation, the cherries are let out and left to dry in raised beds for about 4 weeks until they reach 11-12% humidity.



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La Ventolera

Felipe Trujillo has been with us from the beginning, co creating UVI and serving as a Mentor himself, he ensures our Mentees learn and improve their craft. A lifelong learner, his curiosity has made him a pioneer in the Specialty Coffee market, but his dedication has turned him into a true innovator. After a successful career as a CEO at an office supply company, he chose a career-path-change and decided to help his father manage the traditional coffee farm they had inherited from his grandfather. Led by passion, from day one, he began drawing inspiration from the wine industry, where he became a disciplined student of fermentation processes. Today, his farm, La Ventolera, has become a regional institution for specialty coffee. There he preaches his passion for coffee designing and teaches young farmers the art and science of coffee processing, a path that joined Unblended and Ventola under the mission of making coffee farming exciting.

Name of the farm:

La Ventolera


Santa Barbara, Antioquia, Colombia


2000 masl





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