Santiago Dávila & Orozco - Washed

This coffee is produced by Santiago Dávila and Santiago Orozco, who source their cherries from their families’ farms, Los Mandarinos and La Palma. The coffee is harvested from a small plantation mainly consisting of Cenicafe 1 and Castillo varieties. Only the ripest and reddest cherries are selected, and the depulping process is done without water. The beans are then allowed to ferment for 24-30 hours, before being washed and placed in a marquesina to dry. This meticulous process is a testament to Santiago Dávila and Santiago Orozco’s dedication to producing high-quality coffee. Notes of dark chocolate, lime, and citrus fruits can be found in the coffee’s flavor profile



/ lb - Green

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Los Mandarinos & La Palma

Santiago Orozo & Santiago Dávila are young coffee producers who collaborate with other farmers in Sonson, Antioquia. They are passionate about improving coffee quality and aspire to create a lasting legacy for future generations of producers.

Name of the farm:

Los Mandarinos


Sonson, Antioquia, Colombia


1700 masl


Cefincafe 1 & Castillo



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Santiago Davila & Orozco Washed by Frothy Monkey

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Santiago Davila & Orozco Washed by Frothy Monkey