Sebastian Ramirez - Blue Fruits

The Purple Fruits is a cocktail of mojito, sweet, and spicy with notes of mint and blueberries. Sebastian achieves this profile through fermentation with wine yeast, mint, and the floral herbs from his farm. The addition of yeast is done during its mucilage fermentation stage where sugars blend and new flavors develop! It's done by anaerobic fermentation in 200-liter tanks for 120 hours at 18°C with CO2 injection + wine yeast, later depulped and fermented anaerobically for 72 hours with CO2 injection, along with mint, floral, and aromatic herbs.



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El Placer

Sebastian Ramirez (35) is a fourth-generation coffee farmer with over 12 years of experience. He has a presence in multiple countries across Asia and Europe and is the owner of Fincas El Placer. Sebastian has joined our mission of making coffee farming exciting as a mentor for the Young Producer Program. Starting as a traditional grower, he ventured into fermentation and made connections. Nowadays, he is a master in Carbonic Maceration, Coffee Profiles, and Varietals. We are thrilled to represent him, and we can confidently state that his coffees are anything but ordinary.

Name of the farm:

Fincas El Placer


Quindío, Colombia


1744 masl




Honey co-fermented

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