When Valeria started with us, she said that she wanted to name each coffee as a member of the family, choosing the one that represents the coffee the most. This one is called Valeria, as herself, “Valeria is the duality between citric and sweetness. and that’s me. I can be hard sometimes, but I always want to be kind and do well”. Valeria’s coffee was obtained after picking 3.000 kilos in small batches and fermented for 12 hours in cherry, later depulped and fermented again for 24 hours. After the last fermentation, the coffee beans are washed and dried in silos keeping a constant temperature of 45 to 50 degrees celsius until it reaches 11% moisture.



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Los Pinos

Valeria is 16 years old. She’s joyful, emotional and sweet. She is the second child of The Pinos family, a family that has been coffee farming for years. And now, she joined UVI because she wants to start working with coffee, but she wants to tell the story differently, be creative, to tell the consumer every detail on the coffee and make them fall in love. She wants to tell the world that there, in a small town in Antioquia, - Montebello - there’s a young girl that’s excited to start her journey in coffee and she dreams that every young child from coffee producers feels the same way. Valeria is an inspiration for other young coffee producers to join this path.

Name of the farm:

Los Pinos


Montebello, Antioquia, Colombia


1600 masl


Castillo and Colombia



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