Wilfran Trujillo - Chiroso Washed

Wilfran aims to provide a better life for his family and showcase the opportunities available in the countryside through this coffee. It is the first step towards transforming differentiated coffees. Wilfran's greatest motivation is to gain a deeper understanding of the various processes so that he can pass on this knowledge to his family. This coffee represents a balance between supporting his family's well-being and pursuing his passion. Wilfran hopes that with each sip, we can embrace our dreams and strive to make them a reality. This coffee is harvested from Monday to Thursday, with the cherries being pulped daily. After that, it undergoes a 4-day fermentation process before being washed and sun-dried.



/ lb - Green

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Las Palomas

Wilfran Trujillo has been cultivating coffee for 10 years. His interest in coffee cultivation stemmed from observing his neighbors and recognizing its growing prominence in the country. Alongside his family, he has achieved remarkable progress. His aspiration is to elevate his product and make it the preferred choice among consumers. Wilfran’s ultimate goal is to provide a better future for his family and gain recognition for his dedicated work in the field.

Name of the farm:

Las Palomas


Urrao, Antioquia







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